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Spencer Tunick’s live installation

Spencer Tunick’s live installation

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In Herning, at the Socle du Monde biennale 2021, an exclusive art installation by artist Spencer Tunick will take place on the 4th of September – and you can be a part of it.

Contemporary artist Spencer Tunick will be making an interactive group installation work at Socle du Monde biennale 2021 and you can take advantage of this opportunity by signing up to become a part of the installation piece here. In exchange for taking part, you will receive a limited edition print of the installation. You will only be nude for a short period of time. The installation will be taking place at HEART Museum of Contemporary Art on the 4th of September at 15.00 in the afternoon until ~19.00 in the evening.
Participants will be painted white to comment on the distinct architecture of HEART Museum and its history. The white body makeup is easily applied by the participants themselves who are given a 1.5 liter canister each. Participants are asked to wear older clothing. The white body makeup comes off with a shower.
Since you are being painted you are nude but at the very same time in essence clothed because of the paint covering, which means if you are shy about being nude, in essence you will actually be clothed with an opaque covering of paint. So please don’t hesitate to register.


To participate in this art event, fill out the registration form below and press ‘submit’ to sign up.

You will receive a confirmation email once registered, and you will be contacted closer to the date of the art event. When you register to the event you also consent to receiving information about Spencer Tunick’s upcoming installations.


Only participants will be allowed in the vicinity of the art event. Parental authorization will be requested for under 18 year old participants. Registration is required to participate in the event.


Register here:

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* By registering to this installation you also consent to receiving information about Spencer Tunick’s upcoming installations




Installations require not only a great deal of organisation and collaboration, but his volunteers must trust him and his process. Volunteers who have agreed to pose arrive at a specific time and shed their clothing. With the help of his support team, Spencer Tunick then organizes and directs the participants as a group to the positioning according to his artistic vision and the moment is captured for a final documentation of the installation work.
Born in Middletown , New York in 1967, Tunick currently lives in Brooklyn , New York. Since 1992, he has done more than sixty-five, short lived, site-specific installations across the United States, Canada, and abroad, and his most recent temporary site released installations include the MOCA Cleveland (2004), Institut de Cultura, Barcelona (2003), XXV Bienniale de Sâo Paulo, Brazil (2002), SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico (2001), and the Vienna Kunsthalle (1999).
Tunick’s art challenges the preconceived notions of nudity and the culturally charged, often negative, connotations that are associated with it. In his work, it is the beauty inherent in all human beings that prevails. Last Socle du Monde biennale in 2017 also had Tunick producing one of his incredible art installations, and this year the concept is brought back for the 2021 biennale on September 4th 2021.

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