Anne-Marie Pedersen

Anne-Marie Pedersen


Anne-Marie is interested in exploring and challenging painting in various ways. This may involve engaging the flat format of traditional painting in a mutual interplay with spatial contexts. Or it can involve working with the temperature of colour, its contrasts, subtleties, bold ferocity, movement and precision, creating a kind of spatiality of colour. Through it all, colour remains her central focus. In her work, she is poised between two poles: structure and chaos. Just as you think things are under control, a gust of wind upsets the balance and throws everything back up in the air. In Anne-Marie’s work process, the unpredictable is indispensable.



Anne-Marie Pedersen is part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Anne-Marie Pedersen are exhibited here:

Herning Højskole

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