Christian Megert

Christian Megert

The spellbinding works by Swiss artist Christian Megert (1936–) have a distinctly monochrome, angular feel. An important member of the ZERO art movement, Megert’s focus on light and on hard materials such as concrete perfectly exemplifies the type of art that defines the aesthetics and themes of the ZERO movement. ZERO is about the gravitas of simplicity instilled with poignancy, and this is also an apt description of Megert’s art.

Simple reflections create infinite space

Christian Megert’s art often centres around the mirror as a medium. The mirror itself is commercially made, without any special meaning in itself, but Megert changes the otherwise simple mirror by either cutting it, tinting it, covering parts of it, or creating collages out of it, injecting the simple material with new life and a multitude of symbolic significance. By also using light and reflections, Megert creates entirely new sensory experiences, opening up the places they occupy to form infinite spaces that extend in every direction, full of living reflections and mirror images.

Professor and ZERO

As an important part of the ZERO movement, Megert was also a central figure in the movement’s expansion to Switzerland. In 1972, his work led him to also become professor of integrated visual arts and architecture at the art academy in Düsseldorf. He has also worked with public art and contributed to several decorations and sculpture installations.



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