Eva Sten Christensen

Eva Sten Christensen

An artist utilizing a wide array of mediums, Eva Sten Christensen’s (1969–) repertoire extends far and wide, making her artistic practice one which is quite unique. Now living and working in Copenhagen, she trained in the UK at the City of Bath College-Foundation Course and later at the Chelsea School of Arts. She has exhibited widely, especially in the Nordic countries, and is a co-founder of the Skulpturi art community.

A wide range of materials

Eva Sten Christensen works mainly with sculpture, installation art and paper art, often using an architectural style in her works. Her artistic approach revolves around structure, function and space and involves shifts and adaptations of well-known forms. Using many different types of materials and media, Christensen’s art is wide-ranging in scope, incorporating a wealth of materials that includes carpets, iron pipes, thread, stone, fabric and wood, imbuing her works with artistic and aesthetic variation.

Readymades and every day objects

Having lived and studied in the UK, Christensen’s practice is partly rooted in the British sculptural tradition where the use of ‘readymades’ and an expanded field of materials defined a new and open concept of sculpture in the 1980s and 90s.  By shifting everyday objects and materials away from their original function and expression, Eva Steen Christensen disrupts our habitual perception of familiar things, instead proposing a new outlook on reality and revisited expectations of materials.



Works by Eva Sten Christensen are exhibited here:

Birk Centerpark

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