Jette Mellgren

Jette Mellgren


In her art, Jette Mellgren takes the craft of braiding as her starting point, a craft traditionally closely associated with issues of function and practical application. She seeks to expand the scope of her craft, applying it to imaginative and sculptural objects that far exceed the conceptual form. In Mellgren’s work process, handcraft becomes mindcraft.

Her passion for nature goes hand in hand with her deep-seated care for humanity. For several years she has worked in close consultation with other cultures in Africa and Asia, awakening in her a deep respect for the primordial roots of life and the necessary quest to return to our fundamental needs. Enriched by these endeavours, she has been encouraged to keep an open mind and aim for creative freedom.


Jette Mellgren is part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Jette Mellgren are exhibited here:

Herning Højskole

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