Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri

Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri

Norwegian artist Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri (1975–) is one of the leading female sculptors of our time. Employing an approach that resonates partly with the contemporary Scandinavian art scene and partly with the Arte Povera movement, Bahri uses humble materials to create her soft sculptures. Most of her works consist of textiles, usually in the form of clothing. This includes discarded shirts, sweaters, trousers and gloves, and the artist often incorporates her own discarded clothing in these innovative sculptures.

Garments reflect human identity

Hailing from an artistic background, Bahri holds a degree in graphic design, makeup, and costume design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is interested in investigating the human condition and its connection to the clothes we wear. What do clothes really mean and how is human identity reflected in the arbitrary fabrics they wrap themselves up in? Bahri delves into the history of clothing, but it is not necessarily the story of how a shirt came into being that interests her, but rather what kind of story connects it with the person who wore it before it became art.

Comfort versus chaos

Seeing objects depicted and used in unfamiliar ways can be uncomfortable; the systems we know are more important to us than we might think. Bahri deliberately breaks away from the safety of the familiar – embracing the chaos in stripping away the comfort of the well-known, transforming it into something eerily unfamiliar.



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