Klaus Munch

Klaus Munch

Colorful castings at HEART Museum

An influential conceptual artist, German/Italian sculptor Klaus Munch (1953–) is an acclaimed figure on the art scenes of Germany and Italy. At the Socle du Monde Biennale, Munch will be adorning the façade of HEART Museum of Contemporary Art’s building with his brightly coloured, detailed plexiglass sculptures, creating a distinctive, eye-catching landmark feature for the host of Denmark’s largest art biennale. The shapes may seem to be lit up, but there are no tricks to it, the mirror surface inside the art pieces reflect the sun through the coloured domes, printed with golden patterns of cells and vira, creating the illusion of light coming from inside as if life is being contained within them.

Inspired by Arte Povera

Born in Germany and educated in both Germany and Italy, upon his graduation Munch turned towards Turin in Italy, a city known for being the home of many modern artists. Here he was inspired by Gilberto Zorio and Mario Merz, developing his style of art while engaging with ideas of the humble and the simple, making for an obvious kinship with the Arte Povera style. When presenting his first solo show in Turin in 1987, Klaus Munch had arrived at his signature style: his circular, oval and semi-spherical plexiglass castings are unmistakable hallmarks of Munch’s unique idiom.



Works by Klaus Munch are exhibited here:

HEART – Museum of Contemporary Art

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