Kristine Tillge Lund

Kristine Tillge Lund


Kristine Tillge Lund’s practice revolves around ceramics as a sculptural medium within a discourse rooted in crafts.¬† She is interested in studying the fundamentals of her field, addressing many different areas. Sampling many different areas of a subject whose branches extend to many parts of our lives, her art becomes a mouthpiece for thinking about how we perceive the world around us. Considering aspects of history, craftsmanship and tradition, her anthropological gaze analyses a wide range of experiences, striving to create new meanings and associations by rearranging the ceramic material and establishing new scenes for old traditions. Here, Lund takes her starting point in objects and craft methods commonly regarded as raw materials and basic processes.


Kristine Tillge Lund is part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Kristine Tillge Lund are exhibited here:

Deep Forest Art Land

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