Lene Abildgaard Knudsen

Lene Abildgaard Knudsen

Ever since Lene Abildgaard Knudsen graduated, she has worked on commissioned assignments, decorative assignments and her own works. Being a weaver requires patience; it is a slow way of working. Not much can be changed once your work is done on the loom. Her pieces often contain aspects that seem familiar, but the introduction of new contexts adds new and surprising aspects.

Knudsen’s works have a close affinity with nature, culture, lived life, everyday existence, our belief in something bigger than us. They seek to see new perspectives in things that are old, perhaps even ‘discarded’. After all, when is anything truly useless? When is something actually redundant?


Lene Abildgaard Knudsen is part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Lene Abildgaard Knudsen are exhibited here:

Herning Højskole

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