Mathias Dyhr

Mathias Dyhr

Artist, author and art critic Mathias Dyhr (1991–) spans a particularly wide range of artistic modes of expression. Recently, his interdisciplinary practice has pointed particularly in the direction of theatre, as will be evident from Dyhr’s contribution to the Socle du Monde Biennale: he is responsible for a three-day performance show known as The Ideas.

Sculpture and theatre

When Mathias Dyhr graduated from the school of sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016, he also had his book debut, Skitse til en monografi (Sketch for a monograph), an art book occupying the territory where autofiction and art criticism intersect. Since 2012, Dyhr has also constituted one half of the artist duo Mathias & Mathias alongside Mathias Toubro. They have exhibited their work in Denmark and abroad, most recently at Overgaden, HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art and MUNAL – Museo Nacional de Arte. Mathias Dyhr often incorporates his sculptures in his unique theatrical performances, merging artworks and performance to expand the overall experience.

The Ideas  and Idea workshop at HHHerning

During the biennale, the performance work The Ideas will take place at Herning Højskole, where the performance art project Kunstteater will also set up an open workshop in the former folk high school’s hexagonal theatre hall as well as an idea generator salon in the building’s penthouse apartment, inviting figures from the realms of culture and the Danish business community. Kunstteater and Dyhr will also stage open rehearsals in the Sculpture Part in the days leading up to the premiere, offering an extra treat for any visitors to Birk Centerpark while the rehearsals are in progress.


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