Pino Pascali

Pino Pascali

Brief, but tremendously intense – that was the life and artistic career of the young Italian artist, Pino Pascali (1935–1968). With his installations and thought-provoking performances, he established himself as one of the most influential, rapidly rising stars in Italian post-war art. Just three years after his first solo show, Pascali was acclaimed by art critics all over Italy, and this was just the beginning of Pascali’s presence in the art world, where he left a lasting imprint.

A world of fantasy and mystery

Combing the childish with the serious and engaging in an interplay between the culture and nature of the Mediterranean, Pascali offered almost magical glimpses into a world of fantasy and mystery. With strange shapes, ephemeral materials and stunning craftsmanship, Pascali created enchanting visual experiences and interesting commentaries on modern art and the world as it was in his day.

A short but fantastic career

In 1968, a tragic motorcycle accident brought Pascali’s life to a close at the age of 32. His legacy is impressive proof of the impact his brief career had on the art world. In the years that followed, he remained a regular presence on the art scene, partly prefiguring the pioneering Arte Povera movement, which had its major breakthrough shortly after Pascali’s death.



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HEART – Museum of Contemporary Art

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