Søren Lose

Søren Lose


Søren Lose’s practice is conceptual and research-based, often taking its starting point in cultural historical sources, archival photos or found materials. Through various media such as photography, video, sculpture and installation art, he examines social, religious and historical spaces, places and architecture.

For the Socle du Monde Biennale, he has erected a free-standing site-specific work which consists of approximately 4 tonnes of firewood stacked in a circular pattern that grows increasingly narrow as it rises. The work is, at one and the same time, a simple way of organising material with a specific purpose, a ready-made, and a primordial, even mythical form that can be found in nature (such as in anthills) and in man-made architecture and objects worldwide. Crucially, the work is perishable: over time, the wood will gradually be degraded by fungi, crumble and return to the soil.


Søren Lose is part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Søren Lose are exhibited here:

Deep Forest Art Land

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