Sophie Dupont

Sophie Dupont


Ever since her first performance in 2010, Sophie Dupont has used her own body as a tool and starting point for existential and poetic studies of the human condition. In her ritual and tightly choreographed works, one senses the artist’s dual background in dance and painting.

Her performative works generally take their starting point in basic issues such as breathing, sleep, weight, balance and mass, also bringing in fundamental painterly questions concerning e.g. figure and ground as well as abstraction and figuration. Influenced by the twentieth- century performance and avant-garde tradition and by indigenous art, psychology and Eastern philosophy, she links up all these elements to prompt reflections on how we inhabit the world


Sophie Dupont is part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Sophie Dupont are exhibited here:

Herning Højskole

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