Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo

Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo


Fascinated by the concrete physical sensuality of ‘things’, Vibeke Nørgaard explores the potential for wonder in the field between identification and abstraction. The works confront the viewer with a clash between recognition and memory on the one hand and encounters with mutations on the other, offering metaphorical comments on the world. At Herning Højskole Rønsbo will be exhibiting her installation work, Tak for Kaffe, 2016 (Thank you for the Coffee)

”Existential inquiries about our connection to places, objects, and each other is investigated by Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo through a multifaceted artistic language, searching to display identity’s complex conception and its place in material culture. The art founded in humanity also points towards the responsibility we all harbour for our shared future on the planet.”  – Quote from Art critic Trine Rytter Andersen


Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo is a part of Socle du Monde’s Open Call, Danish Open.


Works by Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo are exhibited here:

Herning Højskole

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