Birk Centerpark

Birk Centerpark

Innovative art experiences at the outskirts of Herning

The Birk area originally consisted of a scattering of farms on the eastern outskirts of Herning, but as Herning grew into a major centre of culture and art, Birk Centerpark has blossomed into a unique art hub, offering an interplay between art, culture, education, architecture and business that makes the area quite outstanding in Denmark. Birk Centerpark extends from a roundabout adorned with a splendid obelisk by Carl-Henning Pedersen down to the Birk Centerpark station. Several remarkable buildings and structures have their home in Birk Centerpark, including the HEART museum and Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum.

One of the most spectacular and unique sights in Birk Centerpark is without a doubt the late Ingvar Cronhammar’s gigantic sculpture Elia. Standing 30 metres tall and with a diameter of 60 metres, this black behemoth dominates the landscape. The sculpture comprises a hemisphere standing 11 meters high, with four columns reaching up to a height of 30 metres in the centre, turned towards the four corners of the world. Inside the hemisphere is a 30,000 cubic metre echo chamber that reverberates loudly when lightning strikes the towering columns. In the centre of the hemisphere is yet another column which, at random intervals, fires a huge pillar of fire up to 8 metres up into the air. Visitors can climb the structure on four stairs along the side of the hemisphere; the steps have been deliberately made awkwardly high to impart a sense of how small man really is when faced with the vastness of the world.

Birk Centerpark is also home to the Sculpture Park, a circular park featuring several works by the artists once invited to Herning by Aage and Bitten Damgaard, as well as the labyrinth-like Geometric Gardens with their tall beech topiaries cut into geometric shapes. Both are laid out in accordance with plans devised by the renowned garden designer C. Th. Sørensen. Apart from the two art museums, the entire Birk Centerpark can be visited free of charge. No admission fees or COVID-19 restrictions apply in this outdoor setting, leaving visitors free to enjoy an exciting walk through the many sights that Birk Centerpark has to offer.

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