Deep Forest Art Land – Skovsnogen

Deep Forest Art Land – Skovsnogen

A meeting between nature, art, and the curious mind

Deep Forest Art Land is an open-air art venue first established in 2010 as a collaborative effort initiated by contemporary artists René Schmidt and Søren Taaning. Deep Forest Art Land enables artists to work with the special context offered by the natural setting – a forest – paving the way for alternative modes of interaction and community between art and audiences compared to a conventional art museum visit. The novel way of greeting audiences and the distinctive setting’s special conditions for art production also provide opportunities for creating a different kind of art.

At Deep Forest Art Land, audiences come very close to the works, touching and interacting with them – some pieces even actively encourage this. In connection with the Socle du Monde Biennale, Deep Forest Art Land will create a special space in the forest where the audience can interact directly with the works, giving rise to new experiences and interpretations of the art.

Visitors are greeted by quite an unusual sight upon reaching the entrance to Deep Forest Art Land – the first thing you see is a horribly damaged car, squashed underneath a four-tonne rock. Strange and wondrous works of art continue to pop up along the path winding through the privately owned Døvling Meldgaard woods near Kibæk. There are more than eighty unique works of art on display here, some of them easier to spot than others, and the experience of seeking out these enigmatic, thought-provoking works of art in an otherwise untouched forest, set in a landscape formed by meltwater from the ice age, makes the visit to Deep Forest Art Land quite unique – whatever your age or general interest in art.

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At Deep Forest Art Land you can experience the works related to Socle du Monde’s Open Call; ‘Danish Open’. For more information about the artists participating in Danish Open click here


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