The Ideas – 2nd Episode

The Ideas – 2nd Episode

Second episode of Mathias Dyhr’s two part performance, The Ideas. Read more about The Ideas here.



Over three days, the audience is introduced to the ideas, which through large sculptures act as the focal point for a character gallery consisting of 50 performers from various performing arts and musical disciplines. All these elements are part of a dramaturgical narrative that culminates on the last day of the event trilogy.



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Idea and manuscript: Mathias Dyhr

Music: Morten Bunk

Sculpture and scene design: Mathias Dyhr

Costumes, masks, and makeup: Freja Veile, Maria Hesselager & Mathias Dyhr

Technical: Jørgen Lindholm

Picture series: Mathias Dyhr & Philip Pilekjær

Performers: Martin Damgaard with Swinging Europes talent development programme, MidtVest Junior choir, Mia Theil Have, Mikkel Baungaard Thomsen & Torben Kirkegaard

Staging: Mathias Dyhr

Language: Danish

The event is finished.


Aug 22 2021


16:00 - 16:30


Sculpture Park in Birk


Sculpture Park in Birk
Birk Centerpark 5, 7400 Herning

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