Stage 2 – The Past Extended

Stage 2 – The Past Extended

Stage 2 – The Past Extended


Where numerous artists use modern techniques and materials, others continue painting or sculpturing with traditional materials. Antony Gormley has been asked to show his field of over 10.000 little handmade clay figures. Where Gormley asked people from all over the world to make those clay figures, Spencer Tunick realizes his large installations all around the world with thousands of real naked human bodies, as a one day lasting event. Kimsooja invites the participants of the biennale to add a piece of clay to her space taking table. Finally at the Carl-Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelts Museum, you can experience the fabulous clay figures by Carl-Henning Pedersen in a sensual musical installation by Ditte Rønn in the exhibition Images in Clay

We, humans, people, live with our past into the future, both are connected and both shape our lives.


As part of Stage 2 it is possible to sign up for participation in Spencer Tunick’s live performance work. Read about the event and sign up here.




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