Stage 3 – The Present

Stage 3 – The Present

Stage 3 – The Present


Piero Manzoni and his generation wished to show the authentic life at the museum, however they also wished to bring art into the public sphere – away from the stifling atmosphere of a museum. For the Socle du Monde Biennale, Spanish artist Jaume Plensa was asked to create a permanent art installation here in Herning. The resulting work comprises 21 aluminium doors, placed throughout the city in a path that connects HEART Museum to Herning Højskole, through the pedestrian street of Herning City, and finally ending at the Textile Museum. On these doors, you can read articles from the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Adopted in 1948 in the wake of World War II, the Universal Declaration emphasises that human rights apply to all human beings at all times.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most beautiful and emotional poems ever written. Each article acts as a hand knocking on the door of our hearts. They open the doors to our minds so we can share our dreams, culture, riches and hopes with each other. A door opening up on tolerance and respect can act as a beacon that exposes the injustices of our world, enabling us to correct them. It allows us to see and listen to the people who have been forgotten by the system. Human rights are the key, so let’s open the door!

Jaume Plensa invites you to knock on that door with his new permanent exhibition, Herning Doors, right in the heart of Herning.


The work is a gift from the artist and New
Carlsberg Foundation.



Try the pop-up walking route for Jaume Plensa’s Herning Doors or get an interactive Google Maps map over the locations of the doors by following the link below.




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