The Church of St. John

The Church of St. John

Herning’s culture church

Inaugurated in 1955, the Church of St. John – known in Danish as ‘Sankt Johannes kirke’ or simply ‘the Johannes Church’ – was designed by Ejnar Packness, and the task of overseeing its construction was taken over by his student, Søren Jensen, upon Packness’s death in 1952. Its unusual architecture makes it a distinctive testament to Herning’s cultural roots and the strong sense of community found in the area. The interior of the church tower is particularly remarkable; the multi-coloured masonry used to conceal an active water tower. No longer serving as a water tower, the edifice is now frequently used for events, gatherings, music, and many other activities. The church organ is located above the altar in the church, adding a special flavour to the beautiful interior with its elegant interweaving of wood, brass and chalky shades of white.

The many events and facilities mean that the church attracts a very diverse demographic, acting as a meeting place for citizens of all ages.

Among the particularly characteristic traits of the church we find the beautiful spire and unique silhouette, but also the colourful clock on the side of the tower – the latter deliberately made with a small flaw to reflect that ‘only God is perfect’.

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