Textile Museum Herning

Textile Museum Herning

A glimpse into Herning’s history of textile

The textile industry has greatly influenced and shaped the central Jutland area – and continues to do so today. At the Textile Museum, visitors of all ages will gain insight into an industry that has clothed people across the world – and given the central Jutland area a keen sense of identity as well as a rich source of development. Visitors can explore how textile production blossomed rapidly in the 1950s, creating jobs and growth. The Central Jutland area boomed, and its industriousness ultimately put Denmark on the world map. Young visitors can be put to work (all in good fun!) at the museum’s ‘Children’s Factory’, and all the family can marvel at the Hammerum girl’s dress, which is almost 2,000 years old. On Wednesdays, you will be able to experience the sounds and smells of an old-fashioned factory as museum volunteers start up the old machines to provide marvelously authentic insight into life in the Danish textile industry some 70 years ago.

The museum is set in a former textile factory, Herning Klædefabrik, and still houses much of the old interiors from the factory’s heyday. The spinning hall holds the old machines and looms formerly used at the factory. Focusing on the central Jutland region and the unique textile industry boom which took place there in the 1950s, the permanent exhibition Made in Midtjylland offers a particularly interesting account of Herning’s textile industry and its impact on the local area, on Denmark as such, and how its also left its mark on the rest of the world. The rapid evolution that saw the industry change from small sewing shops based in tiny basements dotted around Herning to the huge factories that would later mushroom in the city is a unique and fascinating story which everyone can enjoy, regardless of whether they are familiar with Herning and the city’s history or just want a taste of what it was like to live in a particularly important time in Denmark’s cultural history.

In addition to the fascinating permanent exhibitions, the Textile Museum also offers a delightful café and a shop with gifts and souvenirs to appeal to all age groups. The museum regularly presents special exhibitions, such as exhibits from the popular Danish TV show ‘The Great Danish Knit-Off’, or Danish history told through crafts and community. The Textile Museum offers a wide range of exciting experiences for the whole family, full of entertainment as well as information.

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