Tunick Live Installation

Tunick Live Installation


World famous live installation artist, Spencer Tunick invites everyone interested to take part in his incredible installation work, which consists of numerous naked human bodies. Like the last Socle du Monde biennale in 2017, on September 4th Tunick opens up for a fantastic art event, where the general public has the opportunity to participate in the creation of a unique work of art as part of the subject that he photographs.


The live installation event takes place the 4th of September from 15.00 to 19.00, and anyone interested is welcome to sign up and participate in a unique art experience in which participants will form a mass of bodies while Tunick immortalizes the event by photographing it. Participants will be painted with white body paint on their nude bodies to reflect the unique architecture and history of HEART Museum. After the event every participant will be given an exclusive print of the photo taken by Spencer Tunick during the event. An unforgettable experience and an opportunity to take part in an exclusive art event.



Guests in the museum who have not registered to participate in the event may not be in the near vicinity of the event while it is taking place out of consideration of the participants.


Participation is FREE but registration is required.

The event is finished.


Sep 04 2021




HEART - Museum of Contemporary Art


HEART - Museum of Contemporary Art
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