DO IT! Rewilding

DO IT! Rewilding

Theo Jansen, Animaris Rex 2023. Photo by Steven Rodrigues

DO IT! Rewilding


Dutch artist Theo Jansen will show some of his well-known ‘beasts’ in the park around the Højhuset hotel in Birk. Here, visitors can take part in a workshop where they can have a go at creating one of these strange and wondrous creatures themselves. Containers function as small-scale versions of the artist’s own studio, featuring sketches, photos and video material that present the artist’s work and the thoughts behind it. Outside the container, one of Jansen’s great ‘extinct’ beasts will loom large.



Curated by Sara Duborg Døssing.

The Højhuset hotel will serve as a meeting place for young artists taking part in an artist-in-residency programme. Here, selected artists will work with nature under the common theme of ‘re-wilding’. For periods of up to three weeks, the artists will live and work in Højhuset and leave behind a work of art which will be part of Socle du Monde 2024 connected to the area, the surrounding nature and the spirit.

Inspired by the curatorial group Collective Re-wilding, we follow Donna Haraway’s ideas on what she calls tentacular thinking, a concept which encompasses thinking with many others, whether human or non-human. This method requires one to see exhibition venues as opportunities or scenes that enable us to inquire into our relationships with the elements around us and into our hierarchical relationship with nature, one where we humans generally see ourselves as superior thinking individuals.

The exhibition strives to be a place full of impulses for repairing our relationship with the ravaged world, by promoting a culture of care and acknowledging the force and potential of nature and its resources.

Participating artists:

Olga Benedicte, Ajarose Stinee Solvild, Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen, Ida Schrader, Ida Raselli, Sonja Strange.

Experience DO IT! Rewilding here

Højhuset – Kulturhotel


DO IT Socle du Monde Art Festival 2024 is supported by:

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