DO IT! Upcycling

DO IT! Upcycling

Sui Park, Flow, 2015. Photo by Sui Park


DO IT! Upcycling

The New Realists updated

Curated by Tijs Visser.

The exhibition will offer a wide spanning range of key artworks by Jean Tinguely, Arman, César, Christo, Daniel Spoerri, François Dufrêne, Gérard Deschamps, Jacques Villeglé, Martial Raysse, Niki de Saint Phalle, Raimond Hains, and Yves Klein. The exhibition is the first in Denmark dedicated to this historical movement, with important loans from the Foundation Gandur, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Tinguely Museum in Basel.


Everything is wrong

Curated by Jean-Hubert Martin.

The exhibition “Everything is Wrong” presents artworks AND daily objects, focusing particularly on private and public collections from the area around Herning. The exhibition rests on the formal comparisons we all make when a given object reminds us of another. Here, visitors get the opportunity to take part in building narratives that connect the individual works and objects, thereby charting the cultural history of Herning.

Participating artists:

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Eva Sørensen, Ben Vautier, Sven Dalsgaard, Knud Hvidberg, Enrico Castellani, Piero Manzoni, Dan Sterup-Hansen, Henning Andersen, Ole Folmer Hansen, Agostino Bonalumi, Albert Mertz, Sámal Joensen-Mikines, Frodo Mikkelsen, Mogens Lohmann, Folke Lind, Richard Mortensen, Jannis Kounellis, Erik Dietman, Svend Wiig Hansen, Paul Gadegaard, Willy Ørskov, Robert Jacobsen, Asger Jorn, Joseph Beuys, Man Ray, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Tomio Miki, Ole Bagger. 



Korean artist Sui Park will create organic sculptures made of plastic, thereby forming a poetic landscape that investigates nature’s relationship with humankind. Sui Park’s works involves creating 3-dimensional organic forms in generic and biomorphic shapes. Through these forms, she attempt to express seemingly static yet dynamic characteristics of our evolving lives.


Linee. A tribute to Piero Manzoni

The Spanish Basurama collective is dedicated to researching the phenomena and processes found in consumer society’s massive production of waste (both physical and virtual) and to prompt and generate new ideas and attitudes on the subject. In collaborating with a local companies Basurama will create an installation out of waste/residual products.


Future scenarios

Organised by VIA University College in collaboration with HEART.

Students from the Sustainability Studio, VIA Design and Business, Transmedia & Film and The Animation Workshop will co-operate across their various disciplines to create a joint exhibition and set out a plan for a more sustainable future.


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HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art


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