Frequently asked questions:

When is the art festival?

— Socle du Monde Art Festival 2024 – DO IT! open its doors on May 24th 2024 and lasts all the way until  November 24th 2024.


Why ‘Socle du Monde‘?

— The Socle du Monde Art Festival is in large part a tribute to the seminal and revolutionary modern conceptual artist, Piero Manzoni, who during his time inspired both wonder and scorn with his abstract and at times shocking works. As one of the more well defined and inspiring artists within the Arte Povera art movement who truly encompasses the concept of socle du monde as a celebration of the world and its multifariousness, Manzoni now stands as a figurehead for the Socle du Monde Art Festival, aptly named after one of his most iconic works.


Where does the Socle du Monde Art Festival take place?

— The Festival is a collection of exhibitions distributed out across multiple venues and locations. Thus one may experience the Socle du Monde Art Festival at HEART museum, but also at the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts museum, Deep Forest Art Land, Højhuset, Birk Centerpark, and Herning City.
Read more about which exhibitions you can experience at the locations here.


DO IT Socle du Monde Art Festival 2024 is supported by:

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