About the Socle du Monde Art Festival

About the Socle du Monde Art Festival

About the Socle du Monde Art Festival

24.5. – 24.11.2024

Overall concept by Tijs Visser

The 9th Socle du Monde is all about up-cycling.
With the title “DO IT” we have invited around seventy national and international artists, plus several architects, designers and curators to develop projects and exhibitions.

Under the title “DO IT yourself” Hans-Ulrich Obrist has asked twenty-one artists including Marina Abramovic, Olafur Eliasson and Yoko Ono to formulate an assignment for the residents and visitors of Herning. Jean-Hubert Martin has “reused” HEARTs art collection under the title “Everything is wrong”.
Artists Theo Jansen and Sui Park have developed new works with plastics, to increase the awareness of these polluting products. Simon Njami invited the Spanish collective Basurama to create an installation with residual materials from the local textile industry. In a retrospective we future the French “New Realist” artists, including Jean Tinguely, Arman, and Christo; they seem to have invented the concept of “up-cycling” avant-la-letre, already in the sixties. And so the 9th Socle du Monde consciously looks at the past, present and future, but it is up to you to make the change: just DO IT.


Experience the following DO IT exhibitions at the festival:

DO IT Upcycling at HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

DO IT Travel at the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum

DO IT Rewilding at the Højhuset –Kulturhotel

DO IT Yourself in the city of Herning and in the Deep Forest Artland.


DO IT! Socle du Monde Art Festival 2024 is curated by Tijs Visser, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jean-Hubert Martin, Simon Njami, Holger Reenberg, Sara Duborg Døssing and Lotte Korshøj.


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DO IT Socle du Monde Art Festival 2024 is supported by:

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